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This IP Calculator will be useful for you if you need information like network class, broadcast address, minimum and maximum ip address of the network, number of hosts allowed.
Just put ip address and mask into the box as shown below and press “Calculate” to get the required information.

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What is Ip calculator for?

Very often when configuring network services you have to calculate IP addresses and subnet masks. This tool is intended to facilitate your work and make configuration of network equipment a little bit more pleasant.

What is IP address?

The IP address and network mask is a logical way to connect hosts among themselves and with the Internet. The IP address consists of zeros and ones, United in the form of 4 octets. The IP address is logically combined into one network, so they can communicate with each other. To understand whether the IP address within the same network or not, introduced a concept such as the subnet mask. People usually compare the eyes (or brains), and computers and other devices to use for this purpose a bitwise comparison of each bit in the address and mask. First, Snorkelling compares the host Ip address and mask, and then the destination IP address and mask. If the comparison results of the network parts match, the hosts are in the same network. If the network parts differ in different.

Routers used to connect different subnets between. It means that a network needs to know the route to another network to communicate with each other.

What is subnet mask?

The subnet mask is used to partition the IP address into two parts, or to separate a part of the network segment from others. It is necessary when hosts within the network nned to know if they are to send the ip traffic outside (to the Internet), behind the router, or try to find destination MAC address inside the network using the ARP requests.

When using a subnet mask, all hosts have the same three of the first octet, physically located in the same network, are still logically connected to each other via TCP/IP they do not need to use the route. To connect to IP addresses that have different first three blocks of the IP address, the host needs a route to that network.

For example, for reaching Internet from the local network a so-called “Route default” is used, or with mask – it means that all the hosts. The host creates a so-called connected route that the host says that he has a more accurate route to its own network.


That is why you often have to use tools or services like “IP Calculator” in your work.

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