Who is Domain


Who Is Domain Tool

This tool will let you get Who Is information about any domain you want.
Put the domain name (like “google.com”) into the box and press “Who Is” button.

What for?

Who is Domain is a service for domain validation.

You will find out if the domain is free or belongs to someone already. If the domain name is already taken, you can find out who is the owner and how to contact him.

What is domain name?

Domain name is a name, used to identify areas (or units) of administrative autonomy in the Internet – in the composition of the higher hierarchy such a field. Each of these areas is called domain. General Internet namespace functions owing to the DNS – domain name system. Domain names provide the possibility of addressing Internet sites and placed them on network resources (web sites, e-mail servers, other services) in the form convenient for the person.

What is domain zone?

Domain zone – the set of domain names of a certain level, included in the particular domain. For example, zone networktools.pro includes all third-level domain names in this domain. The term «domain zone» is generally used in the technological field, when you configure the DNS servers (maintenance of the zones, a zone delegation, Shuttle service zone).


This “Who is domain” service will provided all the required information.

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