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Who Is IPv6 Tool

Get ready – IPv6 is coming!
Chek Who Is information about IPv6 address using our service. Just put IPv6 address into the box and click “Who Is IPv6” button.

By the beginning of the 21st century Internet adress pool was almost fully used – the capacity of IP pool was only 32 bits. Who is to solve the problem and how – was the question…

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is the solution of this urgent problems. IPv6 is a network layer Protocol that supports addresses across 128-bit pool, and that’s four times more than the address used by the previous version of the Protocol (IPv4). Thus, the address pool of the new Protocol 7.9*10^28 times more. Funny note: it is estimated that if every atom on the surface of the Earth gets it`s own IP address, any way there woulв be enough addresses left for hundred planets more.


Number of Ipv6 address keeps growing, that is why this Who Is Ipv6 tool will be important and useful both for network engineers and home-users!

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