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Who we are attracted to can change over time. Useful Contacts Are you ready to have sex? Watch this Childline video to find out more about 'what it means to be transgender'.

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Just take things at your own pace. Whatever gender a person feels is perfectly normal and acceptable. It can relate to how you feel. Our gender identity is our own personal sense of who we are.

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Another word for being attracted to people of all sexes or genders is Pansexual. It can relate to how you feel. You can find out more info at: There is no right or wrong way to be a man, woman, boy, girl or person or how to live in your body; Questioning your gender does not mean you are questioning your sexuality:

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So if someone has a vagina they are labelled girl or female and if they have a penis they are labelled boy or male. Just take things at your own pace.

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